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Everything You Need To Know About Top 15 Hobbies That Make Money

Do You believe Everyone in this World has some hobbies or at least one hobby that he/she want to do?  I know, Your answer is "Yes". Then you know, You also have a hobby or something you are passionate about .

 "Successful People say that doing the works that you love gives more success and satisfaction."

It's True, Because people are doing something new or making money making jobs are the result of their Hobbies that they enjoy. Now days, In Modern Society, If you have something to do differently can gain Attention of the masses. Once you have someone's attention, All you need to be just a little bit of creativity and having business sense so that you can convince them they need your service or product.

People who are success are really doing their work with great passion and interest. Now, If you know your hubby already and interested to work upon to make money. It will be great for you to read this article, Because I am going to share simple guidance with 10 best hobbies that make money.

Simple Guidance For You In 15 Hobbies That Can Make Money:

1. Blogging

If you love to share your thoughts and knowledge with people, then you really must start Blogging. Building a Blog is very easy, you can start your Blog on Free platform like Blogger or WordPress (WordPress as Sub-Domain) and setup your Blog with Free theme available. After that, start writing things you enjoy. When you start receiving traffic from different Search Engine, then you can start Monetize your Blog using Google Adsense and different Affiliates.

2. Writing and Editing

If writing is your Hobby, there are several ways you can use this skill to make money. First, you can write as a freelance writer. There are many Web Sites on Internet that pay freelance writers for articles, and compensate either with a flat rate or by the word, although a flat rate is most common.
You can join a freelance site like Fiverr or People Per Hour and start getting paid for your writing. You can earn anywhere from $5 to $500 and write about subjects that interest you.

3. Web Designing

 If you like to design the Web Pages with Creativity and unique style. You can make extra cash by selling your services and talent to a variety of customers. Here is the list of things that you can do to earn money.
1-Write the "How To" Articles for Web Design Blogs
2-Designing and Selling Web Templates

4. Photography 

Photography is also one of the Hobby that can pay you some extra cash doing something that you really love. You could try to work as a Professional Photographer and take the images for various projects. You can also sell the your unique capture photos to the various online website to earn good amount of money. You can Look into sites like iStockphoto and others to hawk your digital wares. The payment ranges from a few pennies to 20 cents per photo.

5. Traveling

If You are passionate about traveling around the world, You will see something that you really want to share with people. You can share your thoughts and Experience through the Blog's Articles or write a Book about the Journey and publish them on Amazon or various Web sites.

6. Computer Geek

If you really love to play with computers and able solve the small problems, You can put some extra cash in your pocket. You can fix and charge for the various small issues that may arise in regular basis.

7. Teaching

Teaching is also another Hobby that can make money, You can Teach the student via online media or you can set up a Coaching or Institute to teach many students about their Subjects.

8. Playing an Instruments

Whole People, Who have hobby to play Instrument don't generally charge as much as expert musical performers, a lot of plan minded ladies and grooms will pay between $100–$200 for the delight of music. Suppose your Hobby is to play the Guitar, You could teach guitar lessons. Look into teaching after-school group classes or private lessons at your home. Put up flyers in local music stores, bars, restaurants and on community boards at schools, and make your rates competitive. You don't want to price yourself out of the market.

9. Designing

A lot of people would like to be able to make extra cash on the Internet in their spare time. Many people do, such as bloggers, e-retailers and freelancers. You don't need to something physical process such as manufacturing, packaging, shipping and handling of finances.

All you have to do is get creative. You can make money online when you create your own products like T-shirts, mugs and posters, Logos, Banners, etc. Also You can sell your Design on various Online marketing Websites like Fiverr,  Zazzle ,Threadless.

10. Organizing

I don't prefer to do it, however, in the event that you are one of the individuals who gets extraordinary satisfaction from cleaning up, making spreadsheets, or storing plastic canisters, you'll likely do incredible with low maintenance function as a virtual associate or coordinator. In today's shopper driver world, individuals simply have an excessive amount of stuff and data (and insufficient time or space). Spend a couple of hours every week, offering your "assistance," and you could undoubtedly earn $10–$25 an hour for your work.

11. Home Renovation

Home Renovation is a Hobby that can make money by using Interior design senses. Now, the heady days of the property price boom are over – to the short-term, at least – however, bricks and mortar remain among the safest investments you will make. And renovating and flicking for fast profits is creating a comeback, as sluggish growth in the national real estate market is prompting investors to create their own opportunities to include a value.
 The key towards the ‘renovate and flip’ strategy lies in knowing what improvements to create, in order to generate optimum profits.

12. Gardening

If your thumb is even slightly environment friendly, and you tend to excel with your garden year in year out, you may be able to come up with a little cash with your own abundance of veggies, fruits, in addition to flowers. While hobby gardening won’t allow you to much more than the price to help keep a garden, selling your extras to friends, family, or in a legal roadside set up may help you with this year’s canning costs. Note that local law might have to have licenses to sell edibles or plants which will carry biological threats. Research cautious before making any sale.

13. Shopping

Who doesn't like to shop? On the web, at the shopping center and even in air terminal blessing shops, shopping is simply absolute exciting wherever the area and whatever they buy. Anyhow whoever thought shopping could be viewed as an interest, particularly in light of the fact that in case you're great at it, it requires unnecessary a lot of money?

At the same time in the event that you keep your desires low and just shop those spots you'd purchase from in any case, secret shopping can pay for your gas whenever you head to the shopping center. With a compensation of $6–$14 (in addition to repayment of out-of-pocket costs), it pays to have the infrequent lunch out.

14. Fitness

If you like to look Fit and having Expertise in Fitness, Workout, You can work as Fitness Trainer to make good money. A fitness trainer is an individual that provides safe exercise instruction a great individual or party. This exercise, education might very good individual receiving the idea, as well as her or his current body sort and current health and fitness abilities.

A fitness instructor often works to get a gym or fitness center, though he or she might be able to be hired for your day by individual clientele. Others may perform in places, for instance, cruise ships, holiday resorts, or even significant corporate environments as a benefit to additional employees.

15. Gaming

Who wouldn’t like to turn his favorite hobby into a well-paying job?
Yes, you can earn income playing games, others are making big money already and you too can capture up. I am drawing a simple analogy, the way professional sportsmen and women earn income, online e-gamers too can make money. The philosophy is easy, if you will get enough followers to watch you and follow your moves along with choices, then people along with businesses should present money to endorse their products.

Final Words:

 Moneymaking machine could possibly be a stretch. But a lot of hobbies can really pay off should you be good for them and realize how to market on your own. There are a great number of fun strategies to earn some extra money, and we have now compiled 15 of the most extremely lucrative. Let me know in the comment, If you found any other Hobby that can pay off.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Understand Blogging As Career In India Before You Regret

Posted By: Gaurav Vishwakarma on 05:16 In
Blogging as a Career in India would be a Smart Choice or making Fool of Yourself for the sake of Online Money or Fame or Something that you will achieve after a long time, not exactly very long. The Blogging career in India is not mostly preferred due to some reasons. (Will discuss later in the post) 

I just want to create an awareness about all Internet Marketing and other Online Money Business too. I am not any Professional Blogger that will tell you what you would choose as Career but As all I have learned with my Experience , would like to share. I am not saying believe me Blindly  or take a Decision fast without thinking. But I can give some suggestion to all those Newbie Bloggers who are confused about "Blogging as Career in India is Smart Choice or Foolness?".

Some of them want to become full time Blogger and some of them just want to earn some money with part time Blogging but the above Question is same for both. I am writing this post to find out a way and opinion, What People thinks about Blogging and What should we do Except this.

 First, I am sharing the Traditional way of Earning in India.

Traditional Career (Way Of Earning):
There are mostly three option exist of Graduates: 
1- Full Time Job 
2- Higher Education
3- Family Business

But there is a one Option left in these days, You can call this Self-Employment, Entrepreneurship. Graduates who talk about doing something for yourself like starting a Business or Company is called Entrepreneurship.
" Or"
We can say Making your  Online  Business is a 4th Option to start a new Career. But People in India have to face many problems in order to start an Online Businesses because most of them do not aware of Internet Marketing and Various Online Technology.

What People Think About Blogging:

People often think that Blogging is such a thing, where you will write anything and earn money each time when you post. They almost think that, It is so easy then other things and in order to post anything on their blog, they start posting copied contents and articles that actually not related to their Niche. Most of us trying to capture the Viral Posts, News and other media and add them in their blog and think that they will also receive the same Traffic.

Coming to the Real View, Blogging is something that you can treat as Platform ,where you can Explore and share your Knowledge. But I am not saying to just Invest your Time without any Return.When You know something that is helpful to your Visitors , It means you are also eligible to receive some ROI (Return of Investment).

What People Do For Blogging:

People start thinking about Blogging and jump in the Ocean of Blogging world without any proper planning about what they are going to do and what they will do for the future for their Blogs. Some of us, Invest large amount of money to get involved seriously in their work, but with lack of preparations, what and how and how much they can do for it.

It's not bad to think do anything perfectly, but we all know, Perfection does not come without Practice and in one Try. So you need to just start your Basic planning about your whole path from beginning to End (Means till where you want to go with it).  

People also often get involved in Blogging or Internet Marketing in a such a way, they leave their daily jobs. To this point, We all know, We can succeed in anything by just jumping into. So first prepare the proper Agenda then start.

Parents Support for Blogging:

Basically In India, Parents believe in Traditional Career, they don't think that anyone can be successful in Online Career or can make money.
They look at Best Engineering College, Medical College to start a strong career for their Children and looks out for Placements. They think in terms of to get a Degree and become full time Job Worker.


Why we can consider something that is different from Traditional  Options?. Why we only feel proud when their child is placed on a full time job?.
Is their not any Choice or something to do for Challenge and Creativity.

Blogging as Career in India:

Do you know some of Indian Bloggers making serious money via Blogging. Suppose you are an Entry level Software Engineer, How much can you earn? Average 25,000 per month right? What if you can earn more than you expect from Software Engineer Job by Blogging?
Sound Interesting?
Lets start with an Example, Suppose You have Adsense Ads on your website and your Site is getting 1$ per day then,
  •      1$ Per Day = (30*1$ )=30$  Month (1st Month)
  •       2$ Per Day = (30*2$)=60$ Month (2nd Month)
  •       And 90$ for 3rd Month
  •       120$ for 4th Month
  •       525$ for 5th Month.
This Make Total 525$ (31,500 INR)  from 6th Month. Compare this to an Entry Level Software Engineer 31,500 INR within 6 Months and Salary of Software Engineer is 25,000 INR throughout 1 Years.

Now Come to another aspect of Blogging, Blogging term mainly relates to Internet Books, Where you give some information and people are coming to your Blog to reading your post. In this way you gain a Name (May be your Name or Blog Name) by which people start recognizing you over the Internet and come back every time when they need something helpful information.
Now what, You gained the Authority of about Niche (Topic) and also you will become expert in your field through sharing the Information.

What You will gain from Blogging?

Now come to the end, You can something that is really not possible in other way without any Investment.

1-  Become an Expert in your Respective Field 
2-  Earn Respect in the Respect from Vistors 
3-  Making Friends Circle around the World 
4-  Earn Money to Live your Life 
5-  Work from your Comfort Zone 
6-  Develop your own Voice 
7-  Share Resources  
8 - Extend Class Room Walls 
9-  Create a 24/7 Learning  Environment 
10-  Improve Literacy 
11-  Sharing Ideas by People 
12-  Connecting with Global Audience  
13-  Facilitate Online Discussion 
14-  Making an ePortFolios 
15-  Obtaining  Feedback.

Now We have understood the all aspects of Blogging, If you are thinking to start Blogging then lets me help you out to make it better for you.

Tips For Newbie Blogger:

Follow the below Tips Carefully because in perspective of our experiences over the latest 3 years and the tips we get from the people who are in this profession for a long time.

1-Blog on the Topics that You are Energetic About
2-Consider it Important (Serious) 
3-Blogging is not Quick Cash 
4-Go out and Talk with Bloggers 
5-Don’t have Money to Spend on Hosting? Get a Free Blog 
6-Blog Regularly 
7-NEVER EVER Copy Past Content – Copyright Awareness 
8-Write Guest Post for Other Blogs 
9-Read Read And Read More 
10-Understand and Communicate with Your Readers

Future Aspect Of Blogging:

Blogging is one of the Business that have no retirements and you can do it run from your home. So all together you don't need to face anyone bossing around your head. Anyway, there is additionally of opposite side of the coin. It won't bring you a settled pay alongside benefits and other altered advantages. Accordingly blogging acquire a slight hazard yet, then for Indians it an incredible breadth of prospering and telecommuting. You can make great future in blogging at the event that you have skill in your corner and enthusiastic about it.

So in the event that you are dedicated, enthusiastic, committed and energetic, attempt your hand at blogging. It will make you gain great bucks. Tell me your perspectives about Scope and eventual fate of blogging. If you think that I left something in this Post, You can add via Comment.

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 10 Easy Steps

Posted By: Gaurav Vishwakarma on 11:02 In |
This is step by step Guide for  "How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online". You are reading this Articles for starting a new Blog and making Money from Online. I am not going to motivate anyone to start a Blogging. It is just for those, Who really want to start a Blog with Passion.

How to start a Blog

Now, Before starting the steps, You need to understand "What is a Blog?".
After this, You understand all about a blog. Now move to the "10 Most Easy Steps to Start a Blog and Make Money Online".

So,Start with below Steps:

Step 1. Decide What You are Going to Blog About
Choose a Topic (Niche) on which you want to write some Stuffs.

Step 2. Decide Your Blogging  Platform to use , Free or Self - Hosted?
 Select any one Blogging Platform to start your first Blog. If you want to setup your Blog for Free, You can Choose the Blogger Platform.

Step 3. Choose Your Domain Name and Hosting for WordPress or  Use Free Blogger ,Weebly, Tumblr.
You have to buy a Domain and Hosting Plan for start a WordPress Platform to  established a Blog. But if you are going to start on Free Platform then You can Buy a Professional Domain Name to Setup with your Blog.

Step 4. Setup Your Blog Theme and also Necessary Plugin, Social Media Icons, Navigation Pages etc.
After Setting up WordPress Platform, You are required to use a Theme that suits your Blog Requirements and also setup the all important Navigation Links and Pages. 

Step 5. Write Original and High Quality SEO Optimized Contents.
You need to Write a Original and Informative Post's Contents for Reader. You can make research of What a Reader want to Read by doing the Keyword Research Strategies.

Step 6. Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of Your Blog like- On-Page , Off Page Optimization.
The Most important things for any Blogger to get Noticed their Blog in Search Engines. For this, You have to understand SEO and also need to learn How SEO works? for getting the Organic Traffic to your Blog.

Step 7. Starting Making Money From Your Blog.
This is most important steps, If you want to Earn some Money from your Blog , You can use the Various Content Monetization Programs.
There are some Examples: 
  1 - Monetizing site through Google Adsense
  2-  Making Money from Affiliated Marketing
  3-  CPM ad (cost per thousand impression)
  4-  Sponsored ad etc.

Step 8. Practicing Different Strategy for Increasing Your Blog's Earning like - Changing the Advertisers etc.

 Step 9. Build a Community with Readers and Get a Regular amount of Visitors daily.

 Step 10. Always Learn and Earn and also share with others.

These are the Precise Steps for Starting a Blog from my side. If you want to add something that I left or want to suggest your own ideas. I welcome you in the "Comment".

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

10 Sites that Pay You for Web Design And Coding Articles Submission

Posted By: Gaurav Vishwakarma on 07:17 In
You may read an alternate articls about Make Money Online (MMO) procedures from Bloggerspice, I simply need to clarify effectively Online cash making systems for my perusers. At one time I have imparted to you that how to procure cash by imparting a Guest Post about Photoshop articles and excercises. Furthermore this is the second form of 'Acquire Money By Guest Post' arrangement. In this excercise I have brought 15 destinations with short survey subsequently you can acquire cash by submitting articles on Web Design, Coding. Procuring sum shifts website to webpage yet you can acquire $50 to $200 for your quality substance and in addition you can get more introduction everywhere throughout the web.

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

What is a Blog and Why am I started Blogging?

Posted By: Gaurav Vishwakarma on 05:31 In |
Today I am going to share about an Incredible Topic "Blogging". First we need to know answer of few Question like "What is a Blog?" , "What does means Blogging?"  and most important one is "Why do you need a Blog?" and "Why Blogging is so Popular?".  These are the very important questions that i need to do clear before writing a long Article.

So, There is the Answer of all above question:

1- What is a Blog?
 Blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

2- What does means Blogging?
Blogging is the simple process of posting contents on a blog (a Web log or online diary) or posting remarks on another person's website.

3-Why do you need a Blog?
An Online Blog permits you to share your knowledge around the world through the Internet. Suppose You have some skills, knowledge about any things but you don't have any organize way to put it in front of people to know about it. A blog allow to you keep your information in a most appropriate way to increase the value and quality of your stuffs, because a personal or Business Blog is an online space where you can write as like you want.

4- Why Blogging is so Popular?
Blogs allow you to interact with many readers by providing the useful posts. Many Readers also connect to by Commenting on your post or Subscribing your Blog. This permits to build a Online Community and share something and also learn something new from others.
The another part of Blogging is that If you work smartly then you can make Passive Income from your Blog.

After discussing the above points, Now i am going to focus on point "Why I started Blogging?".
The answer of this question is totally situational and not necessary to fit with all of you.
 There are few reason, Why I consider Blogging:

1- Firstly, I have something to share with others and also i am very curious to share my knowledge with others.
2- I want my personal and own space to do something as i want.
3- I want  to be recognized by Internet Media (Means My Name will be visible in Google Search).
4- I want to help people , who don't know the Power of Internet by using and doing something on Internet.
5- I want to build a Internet Community around the World.
6- Lastly, I want to make Money from my Blog.
Here is Brief Guide on  How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 10 Easy Steps.
There are so many reason that motivate me doing something to Make Money Online and Blogging is the one of the Most important one in my Strategy.

Now I want to know, Do you think same as I think or do you want to do something other that can satisfy the above reasons. If "YES", Please let me know in the COMMENT.

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