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How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 10 Easy Steps

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 10 Easy Steps

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This is step by step Guide for  "How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online". You are reading this Articles for starting a new Blog and making Money from Online. I am not going to motivate anyone to start a Blogging. It is just for those, Who really want to start a Blog with Passion.

How to start a Blog

Now, Before starting the steps, You need to understand "What is a Blog?".
After this, You understand all about a blog. Now move to the "10 Most Easy Steps to Start a Blog and Make Money Online".

So,Start with below Steps:

Step 1. Decide What You are Going to Blog About
Choose a Topic (Niche) on which you want to write some Stuffs.

Step 2. Decide Your Blogging  Platform to use , Free or Self - Hosted?
 Select any one Blogging Platform to start your first Blog. If you want to setup your Blog for Free, You can Choose the Blogger Platform.

Step 3. Choose Your Domain Name and Hosting for WordPress or  Use Free Blogger ,Weebly, Tumblr.
You have to buy a Domain and Hosting Plan for start a WordPress Platform to  established a Blog. But if you are going to start on Free Platform then You can Buy a Professional Domain Name to Setup with your Blog.

Step 4. Setup Your Blog Theme and also Necessary Plugin, Social Media Icons, Navigation Pages etc.
After Setting up WordPress Platform, You are required to use a Theme that suits your Blog Requirements and also setup the all important Navigation Links and Pages. 

Step 5. Write Original and High Quality SEO Optimized Contents.
You need to Write a Original and Informative Post's Contents for Reader. You can make research of What a Reader want to Read by doing the Keyword Research Strategies.

Step 6. Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of Your Blog like- On-Page , Off Page Optimization.
The Most important things for any Blogger to get Noticed their Blog in Search Engines. For this, You have to understand SEO and also need to learn How SEO works? for getting the Organic Traffic to your Blog.

Step 7. Starting Making Money From Your Blog.
This is most important steps, If you want to Earn some Money from your Blog , You can use the Various Content Monetization Programs.
There are some Examples: 
  1 - Monetizing site through Google Adsense
  2-  Making Money from Affiliated Marketing
  3-  CPM ad (cost per thousand impression)
  4-  Sponsored ad etc.

Step 8. Practicing Different Strategy for Increasing Your Blog's Earning like - Changing the Advertisers etc.

 Step 9. Build a Community with Readers and Get a Regular amount of Visitors daily.

 Step 10. Always Learn and Earn and also share with others.

These are the Precise Steps for Starting a Blog from my side. If you want to add something that I left or want to suggest your own ideas. I welcome you in the "Comment".

Sharing is Caring!

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