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What is a Blog and Why am I started Blogging?

What is a Blog and Why am I started Blogging?

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Today I am going to share about an Incredible Topic "Blogging". First we need to know answer of few Question like "What is a Blog?" , "What does means Blogging?"  and most important one is "Why do you need a Blog?" and "Why Blogging is so Popular?".  These are the very important questions that i need to do clear before writing a long Article.

So, There is the Answer of all above question:

1- What is a Blog?
 Blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

2- What does means Blogging?
Blogging is the simple process of posting contents on a blog (a Web log or online diary) or posting remarks on another person's website.

3-Why do you need a Blog?
An Online Blog permits you to share your knowledge around the world through the Internet. Suppose You have some skills, knowledge about any things but you don't have any organize way to put it in front of people to know about it. A blog allow to you keep your information in a most appropriate way to increase the value and quality of your stuffs, because a personal or Business Blog is an online space where you can write as like you want.

4- Why Blogging is so Popular?
Blogs allow you to interact with many readers by providing the useful posts. Many Readers also connect to by Commenting on your post or Subscribing your Blog. This permits to build a Online Community and share something and also learn something new from others.
The another part of Blogging is that If you work smartly then you can make Passive Income from your Blog.

After discussing the above points, Now i am going to focus on point "Why I started Blogging?".
The answer of this question is totally situational and not necessary to fit with all of you.
 There are few reason, Why I consider Blogging:

1- Firstly, I have something to share with others and also i am very curious to share my knowledge with others.
2- I want my personal and own space to do something as i want.
3- I want  to be recognized by Internet Media (Means My Name will be visible in Google Search).
4- I want to help people , who don't know the Power of Internet by using and doing something on Internet.
5- I want to build a Internet Community around the World.
6- Lastly, I want to make Money from my Blog.
Here is Brief Guide on  How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 10 Easy Steps.
There are so many reason that motivate me doing something to Make Money Online and Blogging is the one of the Most important one in my Strategy.

Now I want to know, Do you think same as I think or do you want to do something other that can satisfy the above reasons. If "YES", Please let me know in the COMMENT.

Sharing is Caring!

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