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Understand Blogging As Career In India Before You Regret

Understand Blogging As Career In India Before You Regret

Posted By: Gaurav Vishwakarma on 05:16 In
Blogging as a Career in India would be a Smart Choice or making Fool of Yourself for the sake of Online Money or Fame or Something that you will achieve after a long time, not exactly very long. The Blogging career in India is not mostly preferred due to some reasons. (Will discuss later in the post) 

I just want to create an awareness about all Internet Marketing and other Online Money Business too. I am not any Professional Blogger that will tell you what you would choose as Career but As all I have learned with my Experience , would like to share. I am not saying believe me Blindly  or take a Decision fast without thinking. But I can give some suggestion to all those Newbie Bloggers who are confused about "Blogging as Career in India is Smart Choice or Foolness?".

Some of them want to become full time Blogger and some of them just want to earn some money with part time Blogging but the above Question is same for both. I am writing this post to find out a way and opinion, What People thinks about Blogging and What should we do Except this.

 First, I am sharing the Traditional way of Earning in India.

Traditional Career (Way Of Earning):
There are mostly three option exist of Graduates: 
1- Full Time Job 
2- Higher Education
3- Family Business

But there is a one Option left in these days, You can call this Self-Employment, Entrepreneurship. Graduates who talk about doing something for yourself like starting a Business or Company is called Entrepreneurship.
" Or"
We can say Making your  Online  Business is a 4th Option to start a new Career. But People in India have to face many problems in order to start an Online Businesses because most of them do not aware of Internet Marketing and Various Online Technology.

What People Think About Blogging:

People often think that Blogging is such a thing, where you will write anything and earn money each time when you post. They almost think that, It is so easy then other things and in order to post anything on their blog, they start posting copied contents and articles that actually not related to their Niche. Most of us trying to capture the Viral Posts, News and other media and add them in their blog and think that they will also receive the same Traffic.

Coming to the Real View, Blogging is something that you can treat as Platform ,where you can Explore and share your Knowledge. But I am not saying to just Invest your Time without any Return.When You know something that is helpful to your Visitors , It means you are also eligible to receive some ROI (Return of Investment).

What People Do For Blogging:

People start thinking about Blogging and jump in the Ocean of Blogging world without any proper planning about what they are going to do and what they will do for the future for their Blogs. Some of us, Invest large amount of money to get involved seriously in their work, but with lack of preparations, what and how and how much they can do for it.

It's not bad to think do anything perfectly, but we all know, Perfection does not come without Practice and in one Try. So you need to just start your Basic planning about your whole path from beginning to End (Means till where you want to go with it).  

People also often get involved in Blogging or Internet Marketing in a such a way, they leave their daily jobs. To this point, We all know, We can succeed in anything by just jumping into. So first prepare the proper Agenda then start.

Parents Support for Blogging:

Basically In India, Parents believe in Traditional Career, they don't think that anyone can be successful in Online Career or can make money.
They look at Best Engineering College, Medical College to start a strong career for their Children and looks out for Placements. They think in terms of to get a Degree and become full time Job Worker.


Why we can consider something that is different from Traditional  Options?. Why we only feel proud when their child is placed on a full time job?.
Is their not any Choice or something to do for Challenge and Creativity.

Blogging as Career in India:

Do you know some of Indian Bloggers making serious money via Blogging. Suppose you are an Entry level Software Engineer, How much can you earn? Average 25,000 per month right? What if you can earn more than you expect from Software Engineer Job by Blogging?
Sound Interesting?
Lets start with an Example, Suppose You have Adsense Ads on your website and your Site is getting 1$ per day then,
  •      1$ Per Day = (30*1$ )=30$  Month (1st Month)
  •       2$ Per Day = (30*2$)=60$ Month (2nd Month)
  •       And 90$ for 3rd Month
  •       120$ for 4th Month
  •       525$ for 5th Month.
This Make Total 525$ (31,500 INR)  from 6th Month. Compare this to an Entry Level Software Engineer 31,500 INR within 6 Months and Salary of Software Engineer is 25,000 INR throughout 1 Years.

Now Come to another aspect of Blogging, Blogging term mainly relates to Internet Books, Where you give some information and people are coming to your Blog to reading your post. In this way you gain a Name (May be your Name or Blog Name) by which people start recognizing you over the Internet and come back every time when they need something helpful information.
Now what, You gained the Authority of about Niche (Topic) and also you will become expert in your field through sharing the Information.

What You will gain from Blogging?

Now come to the end, You can something that is really not possible in other way without any Investment.

1-  Become an Expert in your Respective Field 
2-  Earn Respect in the Respect from Vistors 
3-  Making Friends Circle around the World 
4-  Earn Money to Live your Life 
5-  Work from your Comfort Zone 
6-  Develop your own Voice 
7-  Share Resources  
8 - Extend Class Room Walls 
9-  Create a 24/7 Learning  Environment 
10-  Improve Literacy 
11-  Sharing Ideas by People 
12-  Connecting with Global Audience  
13-  Facilitate Online Discussion 
14-  Making an ePortFolios 
15-  Obtaining  Feedback.

Now We have understood the all aspects of Blogging, If you are thinking to start Blogging then lets me help you out to make it better for you.

Tips For Newbie Blogger:

Follow the below Tips Carefully because in perspective of our experiences over the latest 3 years and the tips we get from the people who are in this profession for a long time.

1-Blog on the Topics that You are Energetic About
2-Consider it Important (Serious) 
3-Blogging is not Quick Cash 
4-Go out and Talk with Bloggers 
5-Don’t have Money to Spend on Hosting? Get a Free Blog 
6-Blog Regularly 
7-NEVER EVER Copy Past Content – Copyright Awareness 
8-Write Guest Post for Other Blogs 
9-Read Read And Read More 
10-Understand and Communicate with Your Readers

Future Aspect Of Blogging:

Blogging is one of the Business that have no retirements and you can do it run from your home. So all together you don't need to face anyone bossing around your head. Anyway, there is additionally of opposite side of the coin. It won't bring you a settled pay alongside benefits and other altered advantages. Accordingly blogging acquire a slight hazard yet, then for Indians it an incredible breadth of prospering and telecommuting. You can make great future in blogging at the event that you have skill in your corner and enthusiastic about it.

So in the event that you are dedicated, enthusiastic, committed and energetic, attempt your hand at blogging. It will make you gain great bucks. Tell me your perspectives about Scope and eventual fate of blogging. If you think that I left something in this Post, You can add via Comment.

Sharing is Caring!


  1. Really awesome thank you some for giving this information but I have a question. Is possible to get Adsense account with in 1 month in India... Some other sites says in India must be 6 months old sites valid to get approval. Please inform me as well as possible..

    1. Hi Muni Raja,
      Yes, It is Possible to get Adsense Account within 1 Month. Google Believe in Quality of Websites. If Your Website Qualify their Quality Policy, they will approve your Account.


  2. Thank you so much. I am a blogger myself. this really helps. Thinking of making blogging a full time career

    1. Glad to see, this Post helps you.


  3. Thanks for writing this.. I m new blogger and thus helps a lot.

  4. thanku gaurav for such a deep insight about blogging



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